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    Cornbread and Strawberry Jam Moonshine Recipe

    It is probably more difficult than it should be for beginners in brewing and distilling to find the information they need to feel begin making alcoholic drinks. Here we try to make sure that every step is explained in detail using only terms that are either commonly understood or linked to their definitions. If anything seems unclear, please let us know. We’ve also tried to include a list of everything you’ll need (including tools, containers, and utensils) to prevent a scenario in which you’re running to the store repeatedly as you decipher what you’re trying to accomplish. ...read more »

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    Moonshining For Beginners

    15 lbs of cracked or whole corn
    30 lbs of sugar
    2 packages of 135 gram Alcotec 48-hour Turbo Yeast
    19 gallons of water

    Misc. Items to get: ...read more »

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    Common Grains Used in Making Whiskey

    Sipping a glass of your favorite neat-pour whiskey will take you to pleasurable heights as you cap off your day filled with work-related stress. Its distinctive woody taste and the smokey, fruity notes running through your palate will definitely make you want to enjoy another glass. But did it ever cross your mind how this extra satisfying distilled spirit is made? ... ...read more »