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The Bad Boy 13 Gallon Copper Pot Still

The "Bad Boy" 13 Gallon Copper Pot Still

Need I say more? The "Bad Boy” is just that. Use a good yeast and you will be producing about 3 gallons of some mean white lighting with this bad boy. It’s a 13 gallon copper pot still made with 100% copper. We use a heavier high quality dent resistant 1.25mm copper on this still. All of the seams are lead free and welded with silver solder and guaranteed to be leak free. This impressive still is for the semi-pro that has some experience under his belt and ready to fill a couple of jars. It too has a proven old school design with the worm style condenser bucket. Like all of our stills, it comes apart for easy cleaning. I like this unit because I can make up two 5 gallon buckets of mash, cook for the night and I’m good!

Pot Size - 18”W x 40”H

Worm Bucket - 12”W x 18”H

The unit weighs about fifteen pounds. It’s easy enough to store if you ever want to put it away!

Price: $949.95
Sale Price: $899.95

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