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Big Red 19 Gallon Copper Pot Still

The "Big Red" 19 Gallon Copper Pot Still

If you are the Artisan and good at what you do but not ready spend a few thousand, this is probably the still for you. Big Red is the biggest copper pot still we make and can run hard for as long as you can. We use a 1.25mm heavy duty dent resistant copper. This unit will sustain the hottest of temperatures when cooking without burning the bottom of your still. I don’t care how fast you bring up your heat, and no matter how hot you get it, the thickness of this copper will distribute the heat evenly and won’t burn in the middle. All of the seams are lead free and welded with silver solder and guaranteed to be leak free. It too has a proven old school design with a large worm style condenser bucket. Like all of our stills, it comes apart for easy cleaning.This unit will produce 5 - 6 gallons before cutting it to your favorite proof.

Pot Size - 20”W x 44”H

Worm Bucket - 12”W x 22”H

The unit weighs about twenty pounds and will fit nicely in most storage cabinets.

Price: $1,149.95
Sale Price: $1,099.95

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