Moonshine Burger of Martinsville, Illinois


Today we are going to highlight a place that might just serve the best burger in Illinois. That place is Moonshine Burger. Moonshine Burger is located in Martinsville, Illinois. It’s in southwest Clark County, but even with GPS, you might have a hard time finding the place. But if you see a building in Martinsville, you know it’s the place, because the only other building is an outhouse.

The building is an old general store from 1912. This business has been in operation since 1982. And for the people who know about it, they are loyal customers. And the customers are not just confined to Clark County. They come from all across the country. Heck, you can even get a bumper sticker that says you dined here.

The burgers are incredible. Awesome meat, melty cheese. Just a really good burger. It’s never going to be gourmet, but it’s spectacular. But you need to get them while you can; the grill shuts down at 12:30. The ladies who work here have served up to 2,000 in a half day. The experience is half the fun. Sadly, not many of these places still exist. Here are some pictures of the place.

Have you eaten at Moonshine Burger? What did you think?

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