Parrot Spout & Hydrometer

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With our parrot spout, you can easily monitor the proof of your run while you're distilling. This is the easiest, most convenient, and most reliable way to monitor and measure alcohol proof during a distillation run. Using our parrot spout and proofing hydrometer, you can measure the alcohol percentage very easily. It is a very practical accessory for distillers.

It works as follows: Place the copper funnel beneath your condenser's outlet, and pop in the hydrometer in the middle of the parrot spout. The moonshine will enter and travel down the tube and into the parrot spout’s chamber where the hydrometer is. The hydrometer will float in the liquid. The reading is taken at the point where the upper surface of the liquid touches the hydrometer, thus providing an accurate reading of the alcoholic percentage of the distillate.

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